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Water Features

Water Features

Pond, Fountain and Aquascape Designs

Create a tranquil escape from the world with our creative and personalized water feature design. From freestanding, natural stone bubbling rocks to reflection pools to ponds, we can build a water feature that will set your property apart. Listen to the sound of tranquil water cascading or bring the sounds of a bubbling brook or fierce waterfall to your patio or walkway.

From installing ponds to planting ecosystem-friendly plants, we offer end-to-end aquascape installation surfaces. Enjoy the full potential of your property with a carefully designed and installed water feature.

“Troy came out to our home to help us plan the waterfall and pond feature that seemed to be missing when we looked out over our lawn. He thoroughly interviewed us as to what we envisioned the landscape to look like when the project was completed. We understood completely what the project would entail; design work, excavation, coordination with subcontractors and the utility departments, creation of the waterfalls and pond, tree, shrubbery and flower plantings, and the installation of the patio adjacent to the pond.”

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