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BLOG | Fall Landscaping Projects to Complete Before Winter

BLOG | Fall Landscaping Projects to Complete Before Winter

As the crisp air of fall sets in, it’s not too late to revamp your outdoor space. Fall offers a unique opportunity to undertake landscaping projects that will enhance your home’s curb appeal and prepare your landscape for the upcoming winter months. Miller Creek Lawn & Landscape still has consults available to give you ideas, designs, and quotes for your property this year. Let’s delve into some inspiring fall landscaping projects we can complete before winter arrives.  

 Plant Fall-Friendly Foliage 

Fall is a time for a stunning array of warm-toned foliage. We can plant trees, shrubs, and perennials that reach their peak beauty during this season. We have an array of Maple trees, Ninebarks, and Ornamental Grasses, which boast vivid reds, oranges, and yellows. For a dramatic visual impact, our designers will strategically position these plants around your yard creating pockets of vibrant color. Drawing from our 36 years of expertise, we understand which plants will thrive based on your soil type, sunlight exposure, and other variables like deer presence on your property.  

ornamental grass fall landscaping

Mulching and Garden Clean-Up 

As leaves begin to fall, seize the opportunity to mulch your garden beds. Mulching adds an extra layer of protection to your plants during winter and helps in weed suppression and moisture retention. The introduction of fresh mulch infuses your landscape with a revitalized and healthy appearance. Miller Creek has four colors of mulch to match your house and landscaping: natural Pine Bark, Dark Brown, Light Brown, and Natural Cedar. Before spreading the mulch, we recommend our Bed Maintenance Team comes and clears your garden of spent annuals and trim back perennials that have faded. Fall Pruning removes garden debris making the space look clean but promotes strong post-winter regrowth.

Mulch with plants and window planters

 Build a Hardscape Showstopper  

Extend your outdoor enjoyment into the cooler months by asking our designers to create a fire pit and paver patio. These features provide warmth and add a cozy charm to your backyard. Gather around the fire with friends and family, toast marshmallows, and relish the beauty of your transformed outdoor space. Worried about the impact of heavy snowfall on your landscaping? Our team can install boulder retaining walls that ensure the stability of your garden and lawn during the harsh winter conditions. 

Paver Fire Pit, Fall Landscaping

Install Outdoor Lighting 

With daylight hours growing shorter, installing outdoor lighting can work wonders for your landscape’s appearance and functionality. Let Miller Creek Lawn & Landscape design beautiful paver sidewalks or stone steppers lit with path lights, spotlights, or string lights to accentuate focal points and illuminate walkways. Well-placed lighting can enhance the overall aesthetic of your yard and make it a welcoming space even after the sun sets. In addition, paver sidewalks and stone steppers allow you to access various parts of your landscape without walking through the wet grass.  

Outdoor Kitchen with lighting, fall landscaping

Fall presents an opportunity to rejuvenate your outdoor space, setting the stage for a picturesque and inviting landscape throughout the winter months. Call Miller Creek Lawn & Landscape to tackle these fall landscaping projects. You’ll not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, but also ensure that your plants are well-prepared to weather chilly temperatures. Whether you are looking to add fall foliage or create cozy outdoor features, Miller Creek Lawn & Landscape can make these harmonious and stunning transformations a reality. So, give us a call at 218-727-3040 and book a consultation with one of our estimators or designers. Your dream landscape awaits!